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Students that are about to graduate may pay balance online go to the register online page and click the Orange button and submit your payment make sure the student's name  is on the receipt at the top of the page even if the cardholder name is different. Remember if you paid $205.00 to register the $5.00 was for your school patch you will still owe $400.00 upon graduation. On graduation day we will verify your payment and give you a Warren Health Academy receipt to use for reimbursement if your job participates in the reimbursement program. 

What is the reimbursement program?

Some Nursing Homes will reimburse the student what he/she paid for the class if hired there may be a certain length of employment required such as 90 days or 6 months on the job depending on the criteria of the employer. At the end of the trail period the graduate will receive a check for $600.00 (minus taxes of course).