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CertifiedNurse Assistant Training Program

Our Certified Nurse Assistant Training program is a 2 week training course (M-F). Within the 2 weeks, students will receive classroom lecture including discussion, hands on return demonstration lab practum, clinical training and unit test after completion of the program.
  Clinical experience will be hands on in a long term care facility working with and caring for the geriatric population. Laboratory skills will teach the student how to assess and record vital signs, assess and report changes in condition, transfer and assist residents with everyday living skills and also learn clinical skills in order to pass the State of Michigan Certified Nurse Aide Exam.
The cost of the 2 week Nurse Assistant Training Course is $600.00. Included in course cost is the student book and all course materials. Students may start the class with a down payment of $205.00 in the form of online payment, credit/ debit/ pre-paid card no checks or money orders.  Your down payment of $205.00 includes your  seat deposit and school patch with the balance due upon graduation day 2 weeks later. The price is the same for all students: cash paying, MI Works, Jet Program, RIM or any other student educational assisted program.
 Upon completion of the course students are eligible for work as a Graduate Nurse Assistant with the certificate earned from the school or after taking the state exam, students may be eligible to work in the hospital as a PCT. Graduation materials will not be issued until funds are paid in full. Other costs include $5.00 for the school patch that is worn on the left shoulder of the school uniform which is solid white scrub top and pant any color shirt undershirt may be worn. No other uniform colors allowed students must come to school on the first day in solid white uniform. Students will not be admitted to class without a uniform. We do not provide uniforms at the school.
Any color soft-bottom, closed toe and heel shoe may be worn . Students must have a current TB test that is less than one year old.  A TB test can be provided to the student by the Oakland County Health Dept for a $8.00 fee. Students must also have a criminal background check upon enrollment. Students may go to michigan.gov/ICHAT to obtain a criminal background check for the cost of $10.00 paid by credit/debit card, print the results and present them upon enrollment.
*No class or clinical days can be missed.  Please make sure your schedule is clear prior to enrollment leave early options will not be addressed.  * No Personal Checks or Money Orders Accepted.