Warren Health Academy Nurse Assistant Training  Est: 2010 - Go anywhere from here!
                    Class begins at 4:30 PM
 -Students, UPDATE 06/30/2020.   JULY 13th & entire 2020 SCHOOL YEAR CANCELLED. Next schedule will be posted Jan 2021.
The class scheduled for July 13th Day & Afternoon classes has been cancelled. Regrettably Warren Health Academy has cancelled classes for the rest of the 2020 school year for several reasons. The school can not safely social distance students to prevent the spread of infection, Clinical sites are limiting outside visitors which is required for training, also, instructors cannot teach in mask. Again we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause although the main concern is for the safety of students, nursing home residents and instructors. The school will not post another class schedule until January 2021.

The current registration and payment rules are null and void students may use his or her payment throughout 2021. Students whom do not wish to attend a future class and paid tuition or a seat deposit may request a refund via email. Students whom haven't received a refund please submit request.

 Warren Health Academy will not implement online classes due to the fact this class must be effectively taught with hands on demonstration and allow students to ask questions and absorb information to adequately care for the elderly population and more.  I will not place patients at risk by providing inadequate training for financial gain. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.  Please see the next class scheduled date below.
Thank you all again I regret being unable to enjoy teaching this 2020 year.
Mrs. Warren

            JUL 13 - 24-  CLASS CANCELLED 

No further classes will be scheduled this year. Next class schedule will be posted January 2021.