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Refund Policy:


Please make sure you are free and clear to take the course we have so many students sign up and call back after the 3 day time period some wait as long as 30-60 days after registration and request a refund please understand the policy if you decide not to take the class you have 3 days from the date of registration to request a refund. We have provided so many refunds due to sad stories after the 3 day period and now it is becoming routine. Please understand we are holding seats for students whom cancel the day of his/her class start date that could have been filled with someone whom would have attended class. If a student cancels on his/her class start date if the 3 day refund period has lapsed no refund will be provided if a student cancels on or after his/her class start date this includes NCNS students and reschedule a $50.00 fee will be added to his/her tuition. Once a student takes a seat in class refund will not be provided.

State of Michigan Refund Policy:

All tuition and fees paid by the applicant shall be refunded if the applicant is denied enrollment by the school prior to the start of the applicant's commencement date. An application fee of no more than $25.00 may be retained by the school if the applicant is denied enrollment. 

All tuition and fees paid by the applicant shall be refunded if requested within three (3) business days after signing an application with the Warren Health Academy. After the three days have elapsed no refund shall be given, however, the prospective student may reapply within ninety (90) days and have the tuition paid applied to a future class date. All refunds shall be returned within thirty (30) days. 

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